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It is hard to imagine establishing profitable, long-term customer relationships if you donât know who you are selling to. Your online marketing program should be aimed at a specific group of people with specific needs. The beauty of cyberspace is that people sort themselves into convenient discussion groups or other communities by their interests. It's fine to put up a web site that anyone can access, but if you are not reaching out to specific mailing lists, discussion groups, or forums on online services where your customers are most likely to congregate, your customers may never learn about or find your web site.  We hope you'll find some of the following tips and ideas helpful.

The First Step in Web Site Marketing: Search Engines
Ideally, your web site should pop up as one of the options whenever a potential customer uses a search engine to look for your product or service. Unfortunately, different people have different ways of specifying a search query. 

For example, if you are in the bed and breakfast business, someone searching for "lodging" or "accommodations" in your area won't find your site unless those specific words appear somewhere in the text of your web pages. 

To make your web site as visible as possible to every search engine, consider all the specific words and phrases people might use to search for it, and then make sure those words appear somewhere in your web site's text.

Search Engine Report
The Search Engine Report is a monthly newsletter that covers developments with search engines and changes to the Search Engine Watch web site. If you run a website and aren't familiar with Danny Sullivan's excellent resource, we suggest you subscribe right away. You will discover valuable, effective methods for increasing your visibility and ranking in the major search engines. You can subscribe to the monthly newsletter at: or by visiting the website at:

Proper use of META tags is essential to promoting your web site.
Very few popular search and index sites guarantee a spot. To get a better spot in most engines and indexes, you MUST use <TITLE> and <META> tags for your site's title, keywords and description.

Not using these is a cardinal sin. To get visitors to your site, it is critical to get listed. All search engines are different and register sites in various ways. 

The best way to optimize for all the engines is to: Use relevant <TITLE> tag content Use <META> tags for your site's keywords and description.

A great site that will explain the esoteric nature of META Tags and then build them for you is:

Remember to restrict your characters to the maximum allowed, not to use repeating words or phrases, put the tags between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags on all your pages ...and to place these on TOP of each page. Also remember that the first 60 words of your website are used by a number of the ăbiggiesä so repeat the key words and phrases there too.

Mailbots make your life easier
A mailbot, or auto-responder program, sits at an e-mail address and automatically responds to every message that address receives. 

If you are too busy to respond to all e-mail queries within a day, set up a mailbot that sends out a message saying the query was received, and that youâll need two or three days to respond to it. That way, your customers know you got their message and that you are working on a reply. You can also have a mailbot send out a general brochure about your company.

Mailbots save you time, but they also impress your customers by getting information to them instantly. Most mailbots respond to queries within seconds of receiving them. 

NOTE: All of EComm's Web Hosting clients can have auto-responders set up for their web site free of charge.  Just tell us what address you want the responder to answer to and what you want the response to say.  We do the rest!

Words That Sell
Magic selling words: free, you, new, proven, results, guarnteed, love and sale. Words that donât sell: deal, liability, cost, buy, sell, contract, death, decision, obligation, difficult, fail, loss, order, worry and wrong.

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